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Review: ColourPop Ultra Metallic Lipstick

Review: ColourPop Ultra Metallic Lipstick

A couple weeks ago I posted on Instagram stories that my first ColourPop order had arrived! Unfortunately I was sick when it arrived, and could not test them out right away. After nursing my lips back from being so dry, I finally had a chance to test them out.

Ultra Metallic Lip- Collab with Iluvsarahii in Coquette

This is such a beautiful red I wish I had found it before the holidays came to a close. It’s exactly the color I was looking for after seeing a Makeup Rev lippie that I couldn’t get here in the U.S. It’s a beautiful opaque red metallic gloss. I’ve tested this with and without a liner and I actually think the formula performs better without the liner. It was like I had too much on my lips for the gloss. It is a gloss formula so it does dry down semi-matte. It’s not transfer proof but it does stay on pretty well through eating and drinking.

I’d say for $6 this is a really good deal. It’s about as pigmented as the Smashbox liquid lip I tested at Ulta in a similar color. I wish it dried down a little, but because it doesn’t, it doesn’t make the lips look dry.

Ultra Metallic Lip – Collab with LauraLee in Glam

I didn’t intentionally pick two collabs or limited edition shades, they both just drew my attention online. This one was a collab with LauraLee, and all the proceeds of the collection went to the Humane Society. I didn’t initially think this shade was going to be so gold, I thought it was going to be pink with some gold in it. It turned out to be a full foil gold, which I actually don’t mind. It does look good as a lip topper, or if you just put a little bit in the center of the lips for a look. It is they type of lipstick you have to plan to wear. It can be too much if you wear shimmer shadow and this metallic lip gloss.

Like the other lip gloss it is a demi matte so it does kind of dry down a bit on the lips but it isn’t transfer proof. I think it’s a good deal for $6 because you do get to try something you might not usually, and it is a good formula of lip gloss. It isn’t drying and is fully opaque.

Honestly, I really like both of these colors. I was nervous going into the shades blind, but they turned out really pretty. The packaging is also heavy and feels luxurious, which is nice for $6. I definitely will be buying from ColourPop in the future,so keep an eye out! x

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