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December Favorites

December Favorites

December was a big beauty month for me personally because it’s when I stock on products not usually in my routine! I was doing holiday makeup this month so I have some fun makeup I don’t always use. Some of these appeared in my Best of Beauty post, but most are new products I’ve come across this month!

TULA – Purifying Facial Cleanser

I first heard about this cleanser in a video by fitness vlogger Whitney Simmons. I had a feeling my usual cleanser wasn’t quite doing its job and it was time for change. So, I decided to try out this cleanser, after finding so many good reviews. I really like it because it takes off remains of makeup and other dirt, and it leaves skin feeling soft and fresh. This skincare line uses probiotics in it to improve skin quality. I find it definitely has helped my skin texture and makeup goes on really well after having used it.

NYX Liquid Crystal Body Liner – Crystal Silk

I didn’t expect to love this as much as I do! I love glitter liners for adding extra sparkle to looks for special occasions. Some glitter liners you get a lot of the liquid and not a lot of the actual glitter. This one gives a good amount of glitter in one swipe! I love adding it on to looks with black eye liner, and I think it serves as a good accent. It also works well enough if you were trying to do a glitter cut crease, I think it would work well for that too. NYX has these in several colors, whichever suits your taste. This product should not be used on the waterline, or where it may come in direct contact with the eye. I use it over another liner, and only on the outer corner so it doesn’t come in contact with my eye. In reading some reviews, some people complained the product irritated their eyes, and NYX put a warning on the product not to let it come in contact with eyes. It still is pretty, and if it’s layered up doesn’t bother me.

NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow – Pink Cloud

I’ve talked before about how I love the formula of these eyeshadows, but this pick this month is a true favorite. I have the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette (which I love by the way), but I’ve had it several years so some of my favorite shades are barely in the pan anymore. My favorite, Dust, is completely gone. Obviously, because I use it a lot, but I also used it in nearly every look I did with the palette. I hadn’t quite found a replacement for it, other than just buying a new palette, so my Naked 3 palette hasn’t seen too much daylight over the last year. This single shadow is a close dupe. It’s not exact, I haven’t found one to be exact, but it does have the pearl finish like the UD shade. I’m also very excited to put my Naked palette back into rotation with this new single!

NYX Face & Body Glitter – Gold

It’s been a good month for NYX, mostly because I went home to California where I can visit their store at our mall. I had been wanting to do some more glam and dramatic looks, so I wanted to pick up some loose glitter for eyes. If you’re looking to do this kind of look, I recommend this glitter. It’s only $6 for a container you probably won’t use all the way unless you’re a professional MUA. It’s cosmetic grade glitter which is really important if you’re putting it around the eyes. You also need some sort of base for this glitter because it is just loose glitter. NYX sells a glitter base which you may consider using for this glitter. I planned on using a concealer primer base, but then went with a lash glue base. Once I stuck the glitter to the glue, I didn’t see too much fall out. There was some just from application, so I recommend doing eye makeup first, if you don’t already. Then brush or gently pick up the fallout with a piece of tape. It did stay all night and the base was easy to remove.

Essie Nail Lacquer – Ring in the Bling

I spoke briefly about this nail polish in my Best of Beauty 2017 post, but I did buy it in December so it is a December favorite as well. I am so pleased with this color because I haven’t seen one quite like it. The finish with the gold reflux is so beautiful in the light. It’s as holiday as you can get in one bottle of nail polish. I was wearing it throughout December and loved how festive it looked. It also caught my eye because I had been looking for a similar shade in a liquid lip.

That’s all for this month’s favorites! Catch you next moth with more beauty favs! x

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