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Blogmas Day 24: Reflection

Blogmas Day 24: Reflection

For the final day of Blogmas, and I’m reflecting on my Blogmas on Christmas Eve! It’s been a real experience blogging for 24 days, and I think it’s helped my blog regain some momentum going into the new year.

The Experience

I decided to take this on even when life was a little crazy to see if I could do it. There were days I was too busy or fell off, and I caught back up to speed. I think blogging every day really settles into a style and theme for the blog, and I think that’s the most important part of having done all of this. It was definitely an experience which I think broke some new ground.

I’m happy with the way it went, and proud of myself for thinking up 24 blog posts for the month of December. It’s oddly freeing to finish Blogmas, but I don’t think it’s been a bad experience in the least.

It also pushed my Instagram posting, because I was taking photos for many of the posts. I think throughout Blogmas my Insta following has grown by at least 100. As for numbers, I don’t necessarily track numbers or following for my blog, because it will drive you crazy, but to see that growth is pretty exciting.

I also think it’s stylized my blog a little which is good. It’s grown into what it wants to be, and I think that’s pretty exciting on its own.

Would I Do it Again?

I don’t know. It was crazy trying to blog and finish the school semester. It’s always crazy trying to do school and blog. Looking at next year, I won’t be in school this time of year. I might do it again, who knows!

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