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Blogmas Day 23: Unplug for the Holiday

Blogmas Day 23: Unplug for the Holiday

Christmas is right around the corner, and I have some considerations for your relaxing holiday!

Unplug this season

The holidays are already stressful, and sometimes pressure is added with trying to make it the holiday. We live in a time now where we always want to snap a photo for Instagram or live tweet every situation.

This can create pressure to have your holiday a certain way. Sure, it’s fun to snap photos for memories, but you shouldn’t live your holidays from behind the lens. Put phones away to help relieve any stress of trying to have a perfect holiday.

I know it can be difficult for many of us, especially us bloggers, but it will allow you to enjoy the holiday with family and friends.

Take a few photos to help remember the day and then slid the phone away for the day. You’d be surprised how you forget about it when you’re wrapped up in hanging out with family!

Christmas is almost here, and I can’t wait! Catch me here for the final day of Blogmas on the 24th!

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