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Blogmas Day 22: Come With Me

Blogmas Day 22: Come With Me

Can you believe it’s almost the end of Blogmas? I’m taking with you again around town with me while I run a couple errands and meet some friends!

Christmas Ham

I started the day early, getting up to assist my mom in getting a ham for Christmas dinner. The store we get ham from isn’t super close, and it’s pretty popular. My mom and I set out to get it and when we got there the line for the store was wrapped around the building.

Half an hour later we were walking away with a ham!

We returned home and then headed back out to get the rest of the groceries we would need to make dinner the next couple days. That was the main accomplishment of the morning.

We then ate lunch, and then had some work to do in the afternoon. One of my favorite tops didn’t fit quite right, so luckily my mom could take a look at it. She was able to resew some of it so it would fit better!

Girls’ Night

I then got dressed because one of my best friends from back home was coming to pick me up to meet some friends at the movies. I was do happy to see her and catch up! We swung around and got my other friend who lives up the street and headed to the movies.

When we got to the movies, we met two more friends at the movies to see The Disaster Artist. We all had been waiting to see the movie since it came out and we wanted to see it all together. The Disaster Artist is a film based on the true story of the work of Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sistero and their 2003 film The Room. We somehow deep dove into the history behind this film about four years ago and the film has been a running joke in our group of friends ever since. When we heard the film based on Greg Sistero’s book was coming out, we knew we had to see it together.

The film was so well written, and it was everything we hoped it would be. We were rolling laughing and it was overall really enjoyable. I think it adds incredible value to The Room because it tells the back story to the room and the mysterious Tommy Wiseau.

After the film, we decided to go eat and found ourselves at our local Chili’s. It was good food, good laughs, and a lot of catching up for our group of friends. It had been over a year since we had all sat at the same table together, and it was nice to just spent time together.

After we ate, we returned to my friend’s house to say hello to her family and her pets. We used to have sleepovers at her house and attended many birthday parties at her house. We got to chat a little longer and play with her dog and cat while we talked. Overall, it was a super fun night and a fun way to see all my friends in town.

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