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Blogmas Day 19: Favorite Christmas Song

Blogmas Day 19: Favorite Christmas Song

A couple days back I talked about my favorite song I’ve performed. Now let’s talk about all those Christmas songs you hear on the radio all season long!

Despite my frequencies in Starbucks and hearing Michael Buble’s Christmas album at malls across the city, I’m not a huge fan of new Christmas songs. I don’t like new pop versions of old Christmas songs, or even having a new age singer singing a classic.

One of my favorites is Paul McCartney’s Wonderful Christmastime. Something about this song in particular blends old and new Christmas together. It’s also a fun song that isn’t overplayed here. They use it in commercials from time to time, but not as often as others.

Wonderful Christmastime

The music is overall upbeat, and I think it’s fun. It also describes the spirit around Christmas. It doesn’t necessarily talk about snow, presents, or Santa, but it still has the festive vibe. I do like the way Paul McCartney sings it, and so it does sound weird to me when I hear other artists cover it.

I think too, it might be one of my favorites because it isn’t over played, and we didn’t play it in every winter and holiday concert I was in.

Every now and then I hear it on the radio or in a store and it just has the feeling of getting a quick hug while you’re out and about your day. x

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