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Blogmas Day 18: Come with me

Blogmas Day 18: Come with me

Today I decided to do another day where I take you with me! It was a pretty eventful day all together, and I got so many things done!

This has probably been the earliest I’ve gotten up since my holiday began. I had some errands to do around town for Christmas shopping. I started my day with my new favorite Kodiak cakes and some coffee. Kodiak makes whole wheat pancake mixes which I’ve found to be really good in trying to fix my fitness routine.

Christmas Shopping

I got ready early to head out to location 1 (I won’t put the place because it’s not Christmas yet!). Here i was searching for items for a gift for my mom, and there was a whole group of stores I knew I would be able find something I was looking for at.

It turned out to be a hit on 2 out of 3 stores, so I had to regroup.

I headed to location 2 to search for the item I was looking for at the first location. It turned out to be a bust as well, but I did get to see some stores that had gone in since I’d gone to university. I found some cool stores with little gift items, though I didn’t buy any.

I’ve noticed so many Five Below stores popping up around town, and my eye was caught by a bin with BB-8 stuffed toys, so I went inside. It had a large variety of things, including a huge candy section. They also sold Wonderballs, which I’ve been seeing pop up in other places like CVS. It was actually a neat shop, even though I didn’t end up purchasing anything.

So I returned from my shopping adventure back home to eat lunch with my mom and my brother. It was a good rest from walking all morning and the exhaustion of being out during the holiday shopping season.

Afternoon Baking

After lunch, my mom and I decided to head back out and go to a couple stores. We tok a tour around the craft store and the home store, just to see what was out there. It was a reminder that shops get busy during the holiday shopping season, and we headed back.

This afternoon, we decided to crack out our baking skills and make some French meringues. They took a lot of patience, but ended up just the way I wanted them!

We finished our day with dinner with the family. Christmas is getting closer and it’s so nice to have everyone all together! x

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