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Blogmas Day 16: Morphe 35F Palette Review

Blogmas Day 16: Morphe 35F Palette Review

A couple weeks ago on Twitter, I polled to see if people were interested in seeing my review of the Morphe 35F Palette, also known as the Fall Into Frost Palette. The highest votes were for a review with swatches, so here we are!

(Please note: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions of the products are my own.)

Ulta has just recently picked up the Morphe brand, but only in select stores. I already have mixed feelings about this because on one hand, I can pick up Morphe in a store and get Ulta rewards for it. On the other hand, their selection is limited compared to the Morphe. The two problems I have with this is 1) they don’t stock much of what they do have, and 2) Morphe is only available at certain Ulta stores. Unfortunately you can’t check Morphe stock online like you can with many of Ulta’s other lines, but you can check if your Ulta is a Morphe retailer.

So I picked this palette up on my second swing by the only Ulta that carries Morphe where I live. The first time I went to get the palette, they were sold out of almost all their palettes except for the Jaclyn Hill palette. Second swing around, they had it and I felt like I should grab it incase it wasn’t there the next time.

I know this could be easily solved by ordering it online, but Ulta charges about $5-$6 in shipping. At that point it’s almost not worth the “lower price” to me personally. I also am also hesitant to order palettes online, because for some reason I get nervous it will arrive and something will happen where it’s gotten broken in transit.

So moving on to the actual palette. Morphe 35F Fall Into Frost retails at Ulta for $23. The nice thing about buying it at Ulta too, is you can use Ulta coupons on the Morphe brand.

It’s a 35 pan palette with four rows of glitters and shimmers and one row of matte. If shimmer is not your thing, you might want to stop right here.

The color story we have going on here is obviously shimmer, but many colors in the golden tones, copper tones, purple tones, and pink tones. I think it has some really good options for people who maybe don’t play too much with color. It’s easy to spice up a look with a little purple or pink shimmer with this palette.

The Shadows

The formula of the shadows has pigmentation like I’ve never seen from a drugstore palette. It definitely is a “a little goes a long way” type of situation. I was so surprised that a little tap into the pan nearly covered my brush. I do recommend using a shadow primer with this. The first time I used it, even though I used a primer I still had a little bit of fall out because I wasn’t used to the formula. These also blend out really well. I know Morphe is really into blending, but the earned the right to make the claim.

Before we continue, let’s take a look at all the colors in the palette.

Top Row: Visible, Champagne, Sahara, Starlight, Chiffon, Honeycomb, Sun-Kissed

Second Row: Sepia, Vienna, Cabana, Onyx, Vintage, Gem, 24K Gold

Third Row: Reduce, Magician, Sworn, Hidden Treasure, Phantom, Cabaret, Aerial

Fourth Row: Intuition, Cairo, Sight, Belladonna, Memento, Graphite, Travel

Bottom Row (All Mattes): Bliss, Illusion, Sand, Terrene, Hazel, Fortune, Obsidian

I think overall the color choice is pretty versatile. There were a few times where I was either using the palette or when I was swatching it that I did think “doesn’t that one look just like that other one over there?” and I think that can kind of happen with the amount of color choice in the palette.

I don’t know if I would necessarily recommend this palette for someone just starting out with makeup. There is a little bit of knowledge to knowing cool tones and warm tones. The bottom row of mattes, specifically, to an untrained eye they all look similar, but when swatched it’s apparent some are cool toned and some are warm toned. There’s also a little bit of skill in bringing out a purple eyeshadow, because sometimes what looks purple in the pan goes on brown or gray.

It is good for day and night looks. Also some of the lighter shades work well as highlights.

The Component

The other part I wanted to discuss was the packaging. I’ve heard people call Morphe’s packaging cheap looking. I think with the quality of the shadows, they didn’t necessarily need go overboard with the component itself. I personally have no issue with the sleek, black profile of the component. It is a little light, but overall it’s the quality I would expect. The main disappointment I had was that there wasn’t a mirror in the component, otherwise I would say this is perfect for traveling.

Overall the quality of the shadows was really nice, and I’d say I’d look to Morphe in the future as a brand to add to my collection. I never really reached for them in the past because they were e-commerce, but I can definitely see reaching for them again and maybe ordering from their site in the future! x

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