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Blogmas Day 15: A Christmas event in my town

Blogmas Day 15: A Christmas event in my town

Every town has their own events to get people out into the community to celebrate the holidays. We have a number of events across my home town, but there’s one that brings everyone out.

Every year at the outdoor shopping mall by my house, they put up a massive Christmas tree in the center. It’s right next to the spot where Santa comes to visit, and the center is decorated with cheer.

In late November they have a Christmas tree lighting where local groups come out and carol, and people can come see the lights. When I was in high school, our band used to go and play and carol at the event. I can remember going with friends in high school. We went and our friends in the band played at the event, and sometimes sang. Then we’d watch the tree light up.

It’s a fun event for families to visit, and they even make fake snow for the event! It never snows here in California, so they improvise to still make a festive event!

I always had fun going to it with our friends because I love the holidays and it’s the kick off to the season for our town. Then when we finished out musical responsibilities, we’d sometimes get hot chocolate from the mall and walk around.

We also usually bundled up for the occasion, which to some it would seem crazy. My friends and I always put on our best coats, boots and hats for the fashion of the season.

It’s fun to get together with friends and to get out into our own community.

Do you have a favorite holiday tradition in your town? Comment down below to share it with me!

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