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Blogmas Day 14: My Favorite Christmas Song I’ve Performed

Blogmas Day 14: My Favorite Christmas Song I’ve Performed

All throughout grade school, I was involved in all types of music groups from choir to concert band. If you can think of a traditional holiday song, I’ve probably performed it between grades 1-12.

Symphonic Concert Band

Out of all the festive pieces I’ve performed, my favorite was in concert band in junior high school. When I was in 7th grade, we performed Carol of the Bells for our winter concert.

I believe this was when I was in 7th grade because I recall I played flute for the piece. I think it stuck in my memory better, because I was a first chair flute and played first part. The first part had a lot of tricky fingerings for only having played flute for two years so it was very exciting.

I remember the day our band teacher passed out music for the concert, and everyone in the band was so excited to be doing this piece. We did a couple other pieces as well, but I think the complexity of the piece made us feel like we were really going to show everyone how good we were at playing our instruments. We also measured how complex it was by the fact that it had more than on page of sheet music. Usually we played pieces that were one page long, and I think this one was two or three.

With Carol of the Bells our band of 7th graders, all ages 12 or 13, were ready to send the 8th grade band shaking with our music skills. (We didn’t. They were definitely indifferent to the situation.)

I remember this was a particularly good piece for woodwind instruments, so the flutes and clarinets were really at the center of this piece.

It ended up being a really strong piece for us as a group. I think it was everyone in the band’s favorite we did for that concert. Out of doing band for years and years, I think it was one of my favorites we did overall. Probably because I still remember it now.

That’s all for this blog! Catch my next post! x

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