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Blogmas Day 13: Home for the Holidays

Blogmas Day 13: Home for the Holidays

This was the day of my last final at my university, and luckily it was an online final. I did submit it the night before, because I already had plans to travel home on this day. So I was totally finished for the semester!

So it was in the car to travel back to California for the holiday!

Finals are over!

I was so excited to go home for the holiday, and just take a break from my apartment at school. The one thing is I’ve been so busy throughout the semester, I thought I might get bored over the holiday with no classwork to tend to!

So we started back to California early, because it takes 7 hours to get from my university to my house.

Usually when we come across, we stop halfway for lunch. This trip’s pitstop was at a Starbucks for sandwiches and coffee.

Luckily, our trip was relatively uneventful, with no major traffic issues or anything. I came in around the afternoon, and got the chance to unload all my things. When I got home there were some homemade cookies, which make the best snack after a long trip.

It does feel more relaxing to be home, where it’s peaceful. I’ve gotten used to all the noise around us in our apartment complex, but sometimes it’s nice to come home to a house that’s quiet and peaceful. And sometimes a quiet sleep in my bed in my room is nice too!

It’s also always fun to come home and see all our Christmas decorations out for the holiday at home.

With a nice home cooked meal and a little TV to relax in the evening, I think this holiday is going to be a much needed break from school!

Catch my days in California on the blog for the next couple weeks!

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