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Blogmas Day 12: Winter Hair Care

Blogmas Day 12: Winter Hair Care

Changes in season call for changes in beauty routine! While in many places the temperature has already dropped, it’s just starting to cool down here.

When the weather cools down, it calls for some hair care changes to maintain strong, healthy hair.

I always find my hair get particularily dry in the winter, so I do all I can to protect it from damage.

Hair Masks

If you don’t already use a hair mask, you definitely should! I’ve been using the TRESemme Keratin smooth hair mask. I keep my hair pretty long, so I need to keep the ends healthy to keep them from breaking. I use this hair mask 1-2 times a week to give extra moisture to my hair. When I use it, I smooth it through my hair in the length, and then in some parts close to my head. I do not put it on my roots. Deep conditioning is for the length of the hair, and putting it on the roots will only make the hair look dirt or greasy.

Wash you hair the night before

If you’re like me, and let your hair air dry, the winter season alters this routine. You can’t walk out in the cold with wet hair! I wash my hair before I go to bed the night before, and get in this routine so it’s clean and dry in the morning. This one is for all the morning hair washers out there.

Limit heat

In the season of holiday parties, you’re probably using heat tools on your hair more than usual. I know my curling iron gets much more use during this season when I’m going to all sorts of special events. All the curling and straightening can cause a lot of damage to your hair when it’s already dry. I try to limit my heat use as much as possible. First, I try to avoid blow drying unless that’s all I’m going to do. Blow drying and then using a hot tool is two steps of heat on the hair. I try to wash my hair early and let it air dry by the time I want to curl.

Also try some sort of updo with your natural hair! Styles can be just as festive as leaving it down!

Consider a trim

It’s a time of year when a lot of things are dry and brittle, including your hair. Think about the last time you got a trim. It might be a good time to get a trim to keep the length healthy!

That’s all I’ve got for winter hair care! Keep your hair healthy this holiday season!

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