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Blogmas Day 11: 5 Favorite Beauty Channels

Blogmas Day 11: 5 Favorite Beauty Channels

I often get the question of what beauty gurus I watch on YouTube, and I’m here today to share them with all of you!

It’s that time of year where we put our best beauty skills forward for holiday parties and family events, and so why not share a few favorites with you.

Note: These are not listed in any particular order, and are a few of my favorites. These channels are the ones I go back to when I need to know what a new product is like, or if it’s worth the money.


I only just discovered Rachhloves this summer, but she’s quickly moved to the top of the list for me. Rachel is a Canadian YouTuber, and puts out videos on her main channel 3 days a week. She does a good mix of drugstore and luxury brands, and her reviews are always genuine. One of her series, Buy or Bye, is popular for testing some of the hottest products from one particular line.

I like Rachel because I feel I share a common taste in what I want from my makeup with her. I also really like that she does seem to lean toward the drugstore side, so she’s often testing products I’m thinking about already when I watch her videos. Her videos are also interesting to me personally because she has a similar complexion to me. SO what looks good or works for her will probably work for me. She also has a good sense of humor, which I always enjoy, and I think keeps it real and genuine, especially in the beauty community.


I actually discovered Sophie through another YouTuber from the U.K., Jasmin or JazzyBum. She did a Q&A or some sort of video where she invited Sophie from Sophdoesnails and Sophie Louise onto her video. I had never heard of either of them, but once I watched it more of their videos popped up. I started watching Sophdoesnails, and I really enjoy her reviews and tutorials. Soph started out doing nail art photos on instagram, and then started a YouTube channel. She primarily focuses on drugstore products with some luxury products. Soph is also an affiliate with Makeup Revolution, so many of her tutorials use MUR products.

I really like her because again, she seems genuine. She is a little bit of a smaller channel, but I think she might grow substantially over the next couple years. She’s already had a palette collab with MUR, as well. I love her full face of first impressions videos, and I love her unboxing type videos as well. I loved the MUR vault of lipsticks unboxing she did a couple weeks ago.

Kandee Johnson

I have to say I have to give this girl a lot of credit. As I mentioned in my review of her Too Faced palette, she’s long been a makeup inspiration to me. I came across Kandee randomly on YouTube, when she was filming videos in her bedroom and the lighting wasn’t good, but she was still going to show you how to get that look. She’s also so positive and inspirational, and watching her videos feels like a hug. I do get a little bit of a different vibe from Kandee than I do from other beauty gurus. So many beauty gurus are all about what they can get their hands on and what brands they’re on PR lists for and what content is going to boost them to their next million subscribers. I’ve never felt that way about Kandee, and I’ve always thought she was so genuine and was going to make the kind of content she wanted to make.

I think I’ve watched almost all of her videos, and I just love her tutorials. Kandee focuses more on a look than she does on a particular palette, which reminds you as a makeup junkie that products out there are similar and you can almost always find a dupe. Recently I was cleaning my bedroom at home, and found a jewelry box that had some of the funky jewelry I wore in high school in it. I remember Kandee used to always wear a ring that was a big plastic bow. I loved it so much, one day I saw a big pink bow ring at Forever 21 and I bought it. It’s just hanging out in my room now, but I thought it was so funny how I really wanted the ring because Kandee had one!

Tati Westbrook (GlamLifeGuru)

I came across Tati a couple years ago, and I really enjoy her reviews of products. Tati is more known for her luxury products, and uploads videos 5 days a week. Some of my favorites of hers are Hot or Not, where she reviews new products and lines, and WTF?, for odd luxury products. I reach for Tati when I want a genuine review of a product. Although, I do think she has a little bias to luxury products. Sometimes I think she is a little disappointed in drugstore products where for someone who only uses drugstore products, they know you have to work with the product a little bit to get the effect you want. I don’t always reach for Tati, mainly because she does review products I know I’m not going to buy. Sometimes I don’t want to see it because I don’t want to want a product I can’t afford.


I only came across Nikki around the time she was doing the power of makeup. I really love her eye looks and her series Hits and Oh God Nos. Similar to Rachel’s Buy or Bye, and Tati’s Hot or Not, Hits and Oh God Nos is Nikki’s round up of what worked and what didn’t. I just love watching her tutorials, and I think she has a lot of talent with makeup. Nikki also uses many luxury brand products, with some lower end in there too. I think personally for me I usually watch her tutorials and think what I have to dupe for it. It’s probably not the easiest way to watch makeup videos, but it gets it done. I believe she’s also the most subscribed to beauty guru on YouTube, so that’s pretty cool too!

That’s my round up of favorite beauty channels. I watch a lot of channels, but these 5 girls will always be honest about products, and they’re my go to channels for new product swatches and unboxing. x

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