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Blogmas Day 10: My Favorite Holiday Themed Book

Blogmas Day 10: My Favorite Holiday Themed Book

One of my favorite ways to spend time at home is to curl up with a good book, and though I don’t always reach for Christmas themed book, I do have a favorite.

There are plenty of holiday themed books for kids, but mine comes from the young adult section. Let it Snow but John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle is my favorite holiday themed book, and possibly one of my favorite books. It is a common misconception that this is one of John Green’s books, and people often accidentally only give him credit. It is not, and the other two authors are absolutely wonderful as well. In the back of the book, it lists works by all three of the authors, incase you want to know more from any of them.


The Holiday Element

The story is set around the holidays. Each of the three short stories have some amount of christmas or holiday ties in them that simply make your heart melt. It’s like watching a Lifetime movie, you just can’t help it. There are all sort of little things from character with winter themed names to celebrations.

The set up

The book is co-authored, with each author wrote one of the three short stories. The book sections off each part of the novel with which author wrote it. Each section follows a different plotline with characters and writing from each of the authors.

I love this book because it has little details you pick up on the way. When you finish the first short story, you’ll start to figure out all the stories are linked. So there are three stories, but each one has elements that link all the characters together.

It’s a read that just sort of makes you excited as the reader that when you see something reappear you know its from one of the other stories. They’re definitely all feel good stories, and are fun to read for the holiday.

If you’re looking for a good holiday read for the winter break from school, I would definitely recommend!  It’s a pretty fun and easy read.

Do you have a favorite winter or themed book? Comment below and let me know! I’d love some recommendations!

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