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48 Hours in Michigan

48 Hours in Michigan

Let’s be clear: I do enjoy living in the desert. The scenery is always beautiful, our weather is nice (for the most part), and there’s always somewhere to explore.

That being said, spending the last year primarily in Arizona meant seeing green scenery in Michigan is very exciting.

I flew to Michigan to celebrate a wedding in our family, but made the most of a weekend in another state.

First of all, this trip marked my first time visiting Michigan. I spent the earliest years of my life in the middle of the country, but had never ‘officially’ been to Michigan. So that was really exciting.

I love going to new states and just seeing how people live in another place. Peoples’ lives in Michigan are totally different from my life in Arizona, or even when I’m back in California. I also enjoy small details like foods that are local to the area.

I flew out early Friday morning (I was at the airport at 6:30a.m.). Flew out and landed in Dallas for a connection. Dallas is a pretty cool city, and their airport is pretty cool too. I was only there for a short time to get some food and then board and fly into Detroit.

Timezones are the most uncool thing about traveling. I was flying from Arizona to Michigan, which is a 3 hour time difference. So I lost 3 hours out of my day. Also, when we arrived in Detroit around 7p.m., it felt like 4p.m.

I came in with some family, and then we had dinner, and spent the night hanging out with some of my extended family. Just a relaxed evening, with the wedding due the next day.

The next morning we got up and ate breakfast. We had the whole day to look around in the city, because it was an evening wedding. We were only in town for the weekend, so we wanted to make the most of it. 

My parents and I drove down to the inner city part of Detroit to just take a little walk. I really love walking in cities, especially on foot. Plus, I wanted to actually see a little bit of Michigan outside of the venue where the wedding was set.

The most exciting part of our short trip downtown was getting to look over the lake to Canada! I didn’t know Canada was visible from Michigan, but on a pretty clear morning the Canadian flag was flying high!

We took a little walk to the edge just to get as close as we could. The city was pretty busy on the weekend with events, too. We stopped for coffee before going to the hotel to get dressed for the wedding.

The rest of the day was attending the wedding ceremony, and the reception afterwards (Congrats to the bride and groom!). This was also my first wedding, so that was really exciting too. Overall it was a good time for everyone, and so great to see family I hadn’t seen in a very long time.

The wedding reception was also by a lake, which was so pretty. It’s so crazy to think how much I miss the water and green scenery when I’m in Arizona!

It seemed too short, but the next morning we had to eat breakfast and pack up to head back to Arizona. We had an afternoon flight, so we pretty much spent the morning packing and then headed out to the airport.

I was sad to go, and wish we could have spent longer in the city. Everything was so green and beautiful, and some of the leaves were just starting to change color. It was also much cooler than the weather here in Arizona, so that was nice too.

It was just like dipping toes into fall, and a really fun weekend all around!

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