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Q & A: The 28 Day Reset

Q & A: The 28 Day Reset

Let’s talk about eating healthy to pair with good exercise.

I’ve talked about exercising and trying different circuits quite a bit on here, but now I’m swtiching gears to nutrition. It’s no secret that healthy meals are at the forefront of a healthy lifestyle.

My skin has been awful lately and I eat a lot of snacks throughout the day. It weighs me down and makes me want to take a nap by noon.

I decided this month to take the Blogilates 28 Day reset challenge to help me find what foods have been giving me trouble. Who knows, it might just change my eating habits!

Q: What is the 28 Day Reset Challenge?

The 28 Day Reset Challenge was developed by Cassey Ho of Blogilates. It’s a nutrition plan to pair with an exercise routine. The whole idea behind the challenge is to remove ingredients that cause inflamation in the body, and could be causing trouble.

Q: What do you cut out in the 28 Day Reset?

Five things:

  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar
  • Processed foods

Sounds tough, right? Not exactly. There are a ton of foods you still CAN eat.

Q: What happens when the 28 days are over?

You have a choice. You can slowly reintroduce certain foods one food at a time. The point is to try to find the foods that might be causing harm from the inside. Many of the foods on the list above are considered inflammatory foods, and could be doing harm on the inside of the body.

Q: What am I hoping to achieve with the reset?

I’m hoping it will challenge me to eat more healthy foods and integrate them into my diet. I’m also hoping that cutting some of these foods out will break some of my bad food habits. One of the biggest goals I hope to achieve is to see if changing eating habits will affect the small breakouts I still get from time to time.

Q: Will I continue the restrictions after 28 days?

It depends. Some of the things I would really like to eat less of. Dairy, for example. I think it gives my skin a hard time and if I could narrow it down very specifically that would be super. Even during the reset I might have a bit here and there because it is very difficult to cut these things on a budget. I might still eat yogurt, for example. It depends on how this goes!

Q: What about exercise?

Right! This nutrition plan is paired with exercise. I have seen people say they’ve gotten much healthier just by changing their diet and then just average walking. I do intend to pair this with the blogilates beginner calendar. I’ve done quite a few of the beginner workouts before, and they are still challenging. I’m hoping to see some change just with these small changes.

I’m so excited to make this change, and I can’t wait to share updates with all of you! x

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