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The Fit Diaries – August 25

The Fit Diaries – August 25

This is the 14th week of my fitness journey, and I’m preparing some pretty exciting stuff for the next week.

I skipped last week because I was so busy traveling back to my university apartment last week.

This week, I got back into my fitness routine. I had been traveling back and forth a bit and I hadn’t had the time to workout. I got back in with some walking and jogging.

Next week I’ll be making the transition back to Blogilates as I start the calendar on September 1!

I’m trying to make the most of my last couple weeks before I really get into a rigorous fitness plan. Not only will I be starting the Blogilates Beginner calendar, I’ll also be staring the 28 day reset.

I’ll have a full post on the 28 day reset and my hopes and goals for that on September 1!

In the reset, I’ll be making some changes to my diet, so I’ll be saying goodbye to a couple of my favorite foods, and hello to finding some solutions for healthy living. I thought I would be kind of upset having to give up some of my favorite treats, but I think we’re ready to part ways.

I’m really just looking to live my healthiest life, and I don’t just mean that in diet and exercise. I also am hoping with these changes I can also find solutions to problems with acne as well.

Only SIX days until I start my new routine!!

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