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Review: Lorac Pro Beauty and the Beast Eyeshadow Palette

Review: Lorac Pro Beauty and the Beast Eyeshadow Palette

Beauty and the Beast is probably hands down one of my favorite Disney movies. The story is timeless, and even with it’s 2017 live action update, the film continues to capture hearts.

After years of loving the animated film, I was so excited to see the live action update in March. The story calls for elegant design and rich color palettes. I love the film, and the costumes and design play a huge role in how the story comes across on screen.

Lorac Pro Cosmetics released a Beauty and the Beast inspired collection in early June for the DVD/Blu Ray release of the film. I was immediately drawn to the packaging, all in gold with gold floral detail.

I first picked up the eyeshadow palette in Ulta, and felt underwhelmed with the color selection. The shadows were chosen to match the characters in the film, and their costume palette are reflected in the shadows. Often, you hear beauty gurus say a palette either has transition colors or doesn’t have transition colors. I felt the palette didn’t have any immediate transition colors that stuck out to me.

After sitting on the palette for a little while, and watching some videos on YouTube, I began to see color patterns and looks to do with the palette.

I picked it up at Ulta for $48. It’s also available to order on Lorac’s website.

When I think of Beauty and the Beast, I often think shimmering golds, regal blues, rich reds, and all colors we see across the palettes in the character designs.

This palette stays true to the pattens of the characters. In the palette it is easy to see color themes for Belle, the Beast, Lumiere and Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts and Chip.

In this palette, there is the beautiful storybook packaging in gold with ‘Tale as Old as Time’ on the cover. It has a magnetic clasp that holds it shut. Inside, these is the shadows on the right and a mirror in the shape of the enchanted mirror from the film on the left. The book also has a false bookmark in the middle and comes with a double ended brush.

This palette has shades for both day looks and night looks. After playing with the colors a little bit, I’ve found the palette to be very versatile.

Here in the top row, we have fairly neutral colors. From left to right Dream It, Timekeeper, Our Guest and Impress. Dream It and Timekeeper are shimmer shades, and Our Guest and Impress are mattes. I have found Dream it is a great brow bone highlight or shade for the inner corner of the eye. Impress is a great transition shade for a natural look. These colors reminds me most of Belle. It’s soft but also has a couple statement colors and the shimmering Timekeeper shade.

Second row we have Beast Mode, Enchanting, Swept Up and Look Beyond. Beast Mode and Look Beyond are matte shades. Enchanting is a shimmer shade. Swept up is a dark charcoal matte with a bit of chunky glitter in it. I would say these are the most off shades in the palette. I’ve used Enchanting quite a bit on the lid with impress from the row above in the crease. Look Beyond is also a great transition shade. I think Beast Mode and Swept Up would make great dramatic or evening looks, but I haven’t had as much time to play around with them. Swept Up is very pigmented, and appears navy in the palette, but applies almost black on the skin. This color theme reminds me of the Beast/Prince. The yellows and blues remind me of the iconic ballroom scene of the film.

Here in the third row, we have some of my favorite shades in the palette. From left to right we have My Castle, Chip In, Romance and Spell Breaker. I think My Castle might be one of my favorite shades in the palette. It’s extremely pigmented and a light hand gives a beautiful golden touch to the eyes. Chip in and Romance are both matte shades which I have found are perfect for blending. Spell Breaker is a deep espresso brown with gold chunky glitter, which could be stunning in a dramatic look. This row reminds me of the palette for Lumiere and Cogsworth, both very prime characters in the film. The brilliant gold reminds me of Lumiere and the rich browns remind me of Cogsworth.

The final row is a softer, delicate row, suitable for every day wear. From left to right we have Inner Beauty, Tea Time, Tik Tok and Real You. Inner Beauty and Tik Tok are soft mattes for transitions. Tea Time is a beautiful taupe shimmer for the lid. Real You is a pink shimmer, which would be beautiful on the lid as well. This row reminds me of the color theme for Mrs. Potts and Chip with soft cream, taupe and pink.

Final Thoughts

I think overall the palette offers good versatility for looks. The shadows blend really easily, and have high pigmentation. Sometimes it takes a little imagination to put the colors together to make a complete look. I wouldn’t recommend the palette for someone beginning with makeup, because there isn’t a clear color pattern for which colors make a complete look.

In the set there was also a lipstick kit, lip gloss kit, and a cheek palette. I chose not to go for the lip sets or the cheek palette because I didn’t feel I would use them as much. Many of the lip shades I already have similar colors, and the cheek palette I didn’t feel I would use for the value. I don’t use blush very much, and I felt $28 was a high price for something I wouldn’t use very much.

I look forward to getting to play around a little with these shadows, and share my looks with you. xo

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