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The Fit Diaries – August 11

The Fit Diaries – August 11

It’s the twelfth week of my fitness journey, and this week has been so busy. I’ve been busy with work and am in the process of moving, making workiong out a challenge.

I got a couple Blogilates workouts in this week, and focusing on her beginner’s calendar. One of my favorite workouts Cassey has choreographed is her arm workouts. I feel it can be challenging at times to jump right into doing tons of pushups, or lifting big weights when first trying to start working out again. Cassey has a nice number of arm workouts that use no equipment, and still give that burn.

Aside from the couple workouts I did this week, I’ve been focusing on alternative workouts. These are little things to do in the day to stay active.

I worked a job that stationed me at my desk, so I wasn’t actively moving around unless I was thinking about it. I tried to make the conscious effort to get up and stretch, or take a short walk in the day.

Outside work, I also tried to do small things to move around in the day. If i was going shopping, I tried to park far away so I would have to walk to the store. I also was having a week where I felt as though I was taking laps in the store to get all that I needed. This all counts up to steps and gives me a little workout while I shop!

Sometimes it’s not entirely possible to hit the gym every day, and that’s okay. I still hit my 500 calorie mark, even though I wasn’t running on a treadmill. This week, I’ll be traveling and it still may be challenging to get my workouts in. It’s okay to have that challenge. I have a fitness tracker to make sure I’m still hitting goals if I can’t hit the gym.

School will be starting in just over a week, and I’ll be going back to my regular routine. Until next week! xo

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