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The Fit Diaries – July 28

The Fit Diaries – July 28

This is the tenth week of my fitness journey and I’ve made it to my goal of burning 500 calories a day!

This was an exciting milestone because I thought it was going to be difficult to reach 500 calories a day. A typical workout was usually up to 300, and then just average walking and moving around was about 100 or 150. Even though I thought it would be difficult to achieve, it wasn’t at all!

This week I also continued working with Blogilates. I talked about the Blogilates workouts last week, and this week I’ve been following Cassey Ho’s calendar for beginners. I thought I would be okay at it because I’ve been working out, but it was actually still challenging. The challenge was a really nice way to target different areas of the body, which I thought was a really good way to measure and target muscle groups. My favorites are her ones for people who live in apartments, because I don’t want to be noisy to my neighbors.

After testing for a number of weeks, I’ll talk about it a little more in depth.

This week I made some good fitness choices, adding one of my favorite wrap recipes. I created a replica of one of the wraps offered on the menu of the cafeteria at school. I have tried to replicate it and make it a healthy choice for my own cooking.

Goals For Next Week:

  • Continue Blogilates calendar workouts
  • Target on oblique workouts
  • Work on new recipes for lunches and dinner

I’ll catch up with all of you next week on week 11 of my fitness journey!



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