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Review: Que Bella Beauty Clay Masks

Review: Que Bella Beauty Clay Masks

I’ll be real: I’ve had problems with my skin since I was 12 or 13 years old. I’ve tried many products off the shelves of CVS, Target, Ulta, The Body Shop and Sephora. I’m skeptical when it comes to skincare products because I know not every product out there will work for me.

Now that I’m past the worst of my skin issues in my 20s, I still have to work to maintain healthy skin. I don’t get breakouts nearly as bad, but I still do get them. I try to regularly use masks in addition to using my daily skincare routine to help my skin as much as I can.

Recently, I’ve been having worse breakouts than usual, and I need a little something more than the cleanser and toner I usually use. This is usually when I turn to masks to help my skin texture.

The last couple weeks, my pores have looked large, and my skin has been uneven. When I put makeup on over it, it becomes more noticeable. Highlighter is the worst offender, making the pores on my cheeks stand out.

So the type of mask I was looking for was something to clear breakouts and minimize pores.

When I go to look for masks, I like to look for small packages. I don’t like to commit to an expensive product, incase it doesn’t work the way I want it to or incase my skin has a reaction to it. Target has a great selection of affordable masks in small packets. They range from about $2-$5 and they’re great to try out.

Normally I would say investing in your skin is the most important thing you can do for your skin. I’ll say if you can’t afford to splurge on cosmetics, skincare is the one thing that splurging will save you time and frustration. I have several “high end” masks, and they work well once or twice a week, but I was looking for something to really target and clean my pores. Sometimes Target surprises and has products that work really well.

Note: I purchased these masks with my own money. All reviews and opinions are my own based solely on my experience with the product itself. If a product doesn’t work out for me, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for other people, we all have different skin types and complexions.

Que Belle Purifying Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Mud Mask

I found the Que Bella line, where there are a range of masks for all types of problems from hydration to acne.

These retailed at Target for $1.79 for a packet of product. There is quite a bit of product in one packet, so you could probably easily get 2 to 3 uses from one packet. The first mask I tried was the purifying tea tree and witch hazel mud mask.

These masks are made of 80% natural ingredients. Tea tree and witch hazel are known for their antibacterial properties, so I was hoping this would heal some of the problems with my skin. Before applying, I washed my face with a gentle cleanser to remove and excess oils or build up from the day.

I applied the mask all over my face, and left on for the instructed 15 minutes.

When I first applied it and let it sit on my skin for a couple minutes there was a tingling sensation. The mask dried as a typical mud mask would. I washed it off with warm water, as the directions instructed.

After I got all of the product off, I didn’t notice any immediate differences. My skin felt soft, but it didn’t feel different. I didn’t see a difference in my pores or in the breakout situation on my face.

While the mask felt good and refreshing, I didn’t feel like it was working any sort of magic on my skin.

Que Bella Pore Minimizing Mud Mask

This is the second Que Bella mask I tried. It also retails at Target for $1.79, in the same aisle as the previous mask.

I was hoping it would help with the pores along my cheek bones and nose. This mask is enriched with rosemary and cottonseed oil to help rebalance the skin.

Before applying, I quickly cleansed my face with a gentle cleanser to be sure the skin was free of any oils or build up from the day.

First of all, this mask had a much stronger scent than the purifying mask did. It smelled like Vick’s Vapor Rub to me. I applied the mask to my face all over. The directions say the mask can be used all over or just in the T-zone.

As soon as I put the mask on I felt a tingling sensation. I dotted the mask on and then went back to smooth it out, and it was already tingling in the spots I had quickly dotted on. I spread it all over, and waited 15 minutes as instructed.

When the mask was dry and 15 minutes passed, I rinsed it off with warm water and patted my skin dry.

I felt this mask really did make my pores look smaller. It could have been a psychological thing where I was looking for it to do that so I thought it did, but I really think it did. It left my skin feeling soft and refreshed. My pores are unfortunately, so I’m hopeful that multiple uses of the product could make a significant difference in my skin texture.

Final thoughts:

These masks work really well for a fresh facial feeling. They might work well for people who don’t have a history of skin issues or heavy breakouts. I have struggled with clear skin, and therefore I need something much deeper and repairing for my skin. They work very similarly to a couple masks I’ve bought before for around the same price. I think these masks are a great option for people looking for a one time mask, or looking to just have a night to themselves and do different spa treatments.

Still on the hunt for the best facial mask. Stay tuned, and I’ll keep you all updated!

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