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Back to California

Back to California

For the Independence weekend holiday, I traveled back to California for the week.

On Friday June 30, I traveled with my mom back to our house in California. The trip between Arizona and California is always an interesting one. It was surprisingly not as crazy as it could have been with people traveling for the holiday. A rather uneventful trip landed up back in California.

Back in my hometown, we hit up many of my favorite spots in town. On Saturday and Sunday, my mom and I spent some time browsing our favorite shops at the couple malls we have nearby.

On Monday, July 3, my parents and I took a trip into Pasedena. Pasedena is a pretty cool place, and most people know it because it’s home to the Rose Bowl stadium. It’s also where the Tournament of Roses Parade takes place every New Years. We stopped at Bar Celona, a modern Spanish tapas bar on Colorado Boulevard. It was early in the day, so we decided on a few tapas plates and a paella dish to share. All the plates were very tasty, and were just right for lunch.

After lunch, we visited the Norton Simon Museum. The museum is home to many pieces of art, including pieces from Van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt, Picasso and Degas. It was an interesting walk through the halls and seeing hundreds of pieces of art that the museum has on display. The museum also features a sculpture garden, which allows guest to take a walk outdoors to see the sculptures.

On the Fourth of July, we spent time together indoors. This time of year is usually pretty busy with people visiting from out of state, and it makes it difficult to hit popular places around the area. It was still nice to have a day off to relax.

On July 6, my mom and I went down to the shops in Claremont village. These shops are popular with many people who live in the area, and sit right on the edge of the Claremont Colleges. The shops are definitely catered to college students, and they’re pretty accessible to students who live on or around the campus. Many of the shops are fun and quirky, so they’re fun to visit.

July 7 we headed back to Arizona.I’ll be finishing out the summer here just a couple weeks before my university starts again for the fall semester.

It was super fun to return to California and see a couple places, old and new. I’ll be coming back once more before I head back to school for the fall.

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