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The Fit Diaries – July 14

The Fit Diaries – July 14

It’s week eight of my fitness journey, and this week I’m back at the recreation center.

Last week, I was traveling, making working out a little more challenging. This week, I’m back to my regular facility, and my goal last week was to focus on muscle groups.

Normally, Kayla Itsines’ BBG does a nice job of grouping the muscles so it’s broken into legs, arms and abs, and full body. This week, I did the same grouping, focusing on legs, abs, arms, and full body.

I filled in gaps with cardio and running this week. I’ve wanted to get my mile time down for the last couple weeks, and I did it this week! I’m not down as far as I’d like, but it’s definitely a start!

Overall, I feel better about the workouts I’ve been doing. It’s a transition from feeling out of breath and struggling, to completing workouts and feeling like I’ve hit a goal.

This last week I noticed that the types of food I want to eat have shifted. I could never believe when you’d see a personal trainer on social media or TV have junk food in front of them and then say they didn’t want it. If someone put ice cream in front of me, I know it would be hard to say no!

However this week, I could tell the types of foods I wanted to eat were those that were fresh and clean. This was surprising to me, considering the first couple years of college, my staple foods were chicken strips and pizza. Now, when I think about going to get a basket of chicken strips and fries, I don’t even really want it.

This was surprising to me, because here in Arizona everyone loves Raising Cane’s chicken strips. They’re a college student essential. There’s one a few blocks away from where I live, and I don’t feel the temptation to go there.

I also look for more items such as smoothies or juices that are combinations of wholesome ingredients. I guess when you take something away from your diet, you start to not even miss it.

Goals for Next Week:

  • Section workouts into muscle groups
  • Work on cardio and lowering mile time
  • Focus on arm exercises

I’ll be back next week with another fitness update!

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