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The Fit Diaries – July 7

The Fit Diaries – July 7

It’s week seven of my fitness journey, and this week was a little different because I was back visiting California. It’s a little challenging to stay active when I don’t have my regular facilities at hand, which only means it’s time to be creative.

Normally I use gyms and recreation centers, but in California I don’t have any ties to a gym. I do workouts either at home, or by being active while I’m out. This week, I made up for lack of equipment with walking outdoors.

In Arizona, it’s often uncomfortably warm to walk outdoors in the summer. In California, it’s cooler for walking in outdoor markets and shopping places. There are several outdoor shopping places I visit while visiting friends and family, which makes it easier to get in walking.

I naturally walk fast, which keeps me active while I’m out. This week included Independence weekend and I wasn’t actively looking workout. I still achieved all my weekly goals, even with the holiday.

Looking into next week, I’ll be back where I have a recreation center and I’ll be able to run and follow my routine. I’m looking at really focusing workouts on specific muscle groups this month. I want to go back to breaking routines into legs, arms and abs.

I’m back in the kitchen this week and I’ll be looking for more recipes to try. I find it’s easier to learn and get a recipe down in the summer so I’m able to make it once I’m back at school. Summer is passing by quickly and keeping cool is still important even when staying active.

In summer, I find a good alternative to sweets is to replace them with fruits. Plenty of summer fruits, like watermelon, cantaloupe and strawberries.

I still drink water from my own bottle or cup, and stay hydrated throughout the day.

Goals for Next Week:

  • Bring down current mile time on a treadmill
  • Section workouts by muscle group
  • Continue protein shakes

Stay cool in the July heat, and I’ll be back with another fitness update next week!

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