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The Fit Diaries – June 30

The Fit Diaries – June 30

I’ve made it to the finish line of another month on my fitness journey. It’s week six of my fitness journey, and this week I’m going to focus making healthy choices.

When I started my fitness journey, I figured my first step was to create a regular fitness routine. This is all well and good, however it doesn’t mean I could still eat whatever I wanted. However, going for a jog on the treadmill did not equal still eating a large amount of snacks and sweets.

Snack foods are my absolute weakness, and when I’m on the go it makes it even easier to cave to eating them. If I’m at school and I can only stop for a minute to buy a snack from a vending machine, or my friends want to go out for some ice cream, I will.

This has proven to be the greatest challenge in creating a healthy eating plan. When I’m at my university, fast food and take out are much more accessible near the campus. When I’m tired, I’m much more likely to choose getting a quick takeout meal, instead of going home and preparing food to cook for a meal.

This serves to be problematic for more than one reason. One, takeout is expensive. These fast food restaurants near my university know tired and hungry students are on the prowl. Therefore, it’s not unusual to see these restaurants charge between $7 and $12 for a meal.

Now let’s take a moment for some quick math. Eating a meal for $7 might not sound too bad. However, these items quickly add up, including coffees on campus, snacks to power through studying or or until my next class. I could easily spend over $50 a week on carry out meals. That’s hypothetically speaking, of course. I can take that same amount and spend it on fresh groceries to make all my meals at home, and nearly triple the amount of meals I’d get out of it.

I could easily make about three or four meals from ingredients that cost the same as one takeout meal.

Second, it’s hard to find healthy choices near the campus. The whole “university vibe” of a college town plays into fast food and comfort food. While this sounds delightful during freshman orientation, going into my third year of university I would have gladly chosen a salad over any fast food.

I often pack something to eat, or wait until I can go home to get something to eat.

I don’t mind making fresh recipes, and I love looking for new ones to try. If I can make it in the kitchen of my apartment, and get the ingredients somewhere in town, I will try it.

Pairing an exercise routine with good eating habits will give you more energy to get you through the day. I find when I cook more at home, and eat better food, I’m not as tired. I don’t need to take as many naps to make it through the day.

Making healthy choices on your own fitness journey doesn’t mean giving everything up all at once. It can mean having one less sweet treat a week, or cooking at home one more day than you did before.

It doesn’t mean you can’t cheat now and then either. One sweet treat won’t break down your entire routine. It doesn’t even mean you have to walk on the treadmill an extra 30 minutes. Take the treat, you earned it.

A healthy lifestyle comes from balance, and as long as I feel I’m making choices that are good for me, I’ll take a little treat now and then.


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