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A Great American Pastime

A Great American Pastime

With the start of summer comes many American favorites: barbecues, going to the beach, road trips, and the great American pastime, baseball.

On Friday night, the company I work for invited everyone to a night at a Diamondbacks game. Typically, I wouldn’t be one for baseball. However, a friend and coworker and I decided to go to the game with the rest of the company.

Carpooling to the game was half the battle, and although it turned into having to turn around once or twice, we still made it all in good spirits. It wasn’t a big deal, and gave us a little laugh together.

The company had rented a suite to watch the game in and my friend and I just couldn’t say no to that.

It was blazing hot on Friday, which hardly changed once the sun went down. Even at night, it was still warm and we were still sweating, even without the sun beating directly on us. It didn’t help that we had to walk a bit from the car to the stadium.

I thought it was interesting Chase Stadium doesn’t have a clear bag policy like many other sporting arenas do. Even the stadium at my university has a clear bag policy, which I would have thought would have carried over into major league. Apparently not. There still was a security check, which is the unfortunate reality of going into large public spaces now.

The Game

As we made our way around Chase Stadium to the suite, coworkers were already enjoying the game, and we were greeted by a long table of food. Food and drinks were plentiful throughout the game.

It was a rough game for the Diamondbacks, keeping the score at 0 for most of the game. It wasn’t until the 8th inning that they even had someone make it home. The game was at a still after the Phillies made one run in the first inning.

Luckily, the night was still entertaining with plenty of action in the crowd and side games for fans.

It was still warm, even with the stadium covered, but luckily it wasn’t unbearable.

This was the first time I had been to Chase Stadium, and I was interested to learn there is a pool in the stadium. There were actually fans swimming in the pool and watching the game! Though it seemed a luxury only few could enjoy, it would be a very interesting way to watch a baseball game. It definitely would have felt nice after the heat we’ve been having this week.

Unfortunately, the Diamondbacks did lose, but they’re still winners in our hearts, right? Anyway, it made for a fun Friday night with friends and coworkers. I had a good time talking with friends, and meeting some new faces I hadn’t seen before.

It was a fun way to hang out with some friends, and have a little fun on a Friday night. Definitely had a great time, and had some great food and fun to go with it.

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