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The Fit Diaries – June 23

The Fit Diaries – June 23

It’s week five of my fitness journey, and granted the summer heat is starting to beat down, it’s posed a few challenge to being active outside and during the majority of the day.

This week, the temperature reached up to 120°F, meaning that being outside for more than just a walk between my car and a building was uncomfortable. Needless to say, the heat is draining on the body, and can make it difficult to find motivation to work out.

Luckily I have access to an indoor facility and have many fresh recipes on hand to keep cool in the heat. The majority of my workouts have been happening while the sun is setting, because even an indoor facility can become uncomfortable if it has heat beating through windows.

This week I bumped my daily calorie goal to 470, so I’m getting closer to that 500 mark!

The most important thing about the heat is to make sure I’m still hydrated throughout the day. When it’s over 100°, it’s easy to not realize you’re sweating and quickly become dehydrated. I’ve been using my 24oz. bottle quite a bit this week, with ice to stay cool.

For workouts, I’ve made sure that I don’t over expend myself, because of the wear the heat already has had on my body. I’ve done quite a bit of walking and jogging on the treadmill, core and yoga to be sure I still get some exercise.

This week, I’ve worked pretty hard at making meals at home, and using ingredients from scratch. I’ve made a couple of my favorite salads a couple times this week, and have tried a couple recipes with quinoa.

I tried a new recipe of quinoa fried ‘rice’ which turned out better than I had hoped. It combined vegetables and protein to make a good meal. I realize using soy sauce may not be the healthiest option, but I always use a light soy sauce, and try to use just enough to give it the desired flavor. It was a really fun recipe to try, and I’d say I’d make it again.

I recommend making any dressings for salads at home, that way you can control what is going into them. One of my favorites is a dijon vinaigrette that I make with ingredients I already had in my kitchen.

I’ve packed my lunch for work every day this week, using fresh ingredients. It saves time and money, since I don’t have to take time to get something to eat, and I don’t spend large amounts of money on expensive meals.

For snacks and small bites this week, I’ve included more fruits or vegetables. Apples, grapes and baby carrots make good snacks.

I also have been keeping my freezer stocked with my own homemade popsicles, for a mid afternoon pick me up in the heat.

Goals for next week:

  • Continue yoga on the weekends
  • Bring mile time below 15 minutes
  • Get a couple arm workouts in
  • Try one new recipe with quinoa

Stay cool out there, and I’ll be back with an update next week!

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