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3 Frozen Treats to Keep Cool This Summer

3 Frozen Treats to Keep Cool This Summer

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It’s no doubt that frozen treats are a staple of summer, whether it’s a scoop of ice cream, a cold smoothie or a popsicle.

I mentioned in The Fit Diaries that I had given up eating ice cream, which when it’s 120 degrees outside can prove a difficult feat. When you’re sweating the moment you step out the door, a creamy bowl of ice cream loaded with toppings sounds oh-so-delicious.

Interestingly enough, I discovered that really the only qualities I was really looking for in ice cream was that it was a frozen treat, and is was a little sweetness in my day. I sought to replace high calorie store bought containers of ice cream with my own recipes so I knew and controlled how much of each ingredient was going into them.

I’ve settled on making popsicles as a nicer treat to ice cream, because they’re fun and have a wide range of possibility.

With that, I want to share three of my favorite popsicle recipes so you too can stay cool with these yummy frozen treats.

Frozen Pineapple Pops

If you’re a fan of Dole whip at the Disney parks or any Dole product, you’ll be a fan of this sweet treat!

Ingredients – Makes 6 medium size pops

2 cups Pineapple chunks (frozen)

¾ cup Greek Yogurt

¼ cup Pineapple Juice

1 tbsp 100% pure Coconut water

½ tsp Honey


First, add the pineapple chunks to your blender. I like to use frozen chunks because it helps the blend have a smoothie-like consistency before you pour it into the mold. I also sometimes have limited access to pineapple during its off-season.

Then add Greek yogurt, I like to use vanilla, but plain would work just as well. Add in the pineapple juice, coconut water and honey.

Note: I have tried this with 2% milk and almond milk in the past, which it created a much more creamy consistency, and muted the pineapple flavor. For a stronger pineapple flavor, use the pineapple juice.


Once smooth, spoon into the popsicle mold.

I usually use a reusable mold (you can easily find these at Target or Walmart, I found mine at Cost Plus World Market) with reusable plastic sticks. Once you pour the mixture into the mold, place the sticks into the mold

Note: If you’re using wooden sticks, allow the mixture to freeze for some time before inserting the stick. Freezing time varies so be sure to check about every 30 minutes to see if the mix has started to solidify.

Stick the mold in the freezer.

In 2 to 4 hours you’ll have some lovely frozen treats!


Frozen Strawberry Protein Pops

This is one of my favorite protein drink recipes, which I’ve frozen for a perfect treat for post summer workouts.

Ingredients –Makes 6 medium size pops

2 cups Strawberries, sliced or whole (frozen)

¾ cup Greek Yogurt

¼ cup 2% milk

¼ tbsp. Coconut Water

½ tsp.   Honey

1 scoop Protein Powder (optional, varies by brand)


I typically use frozen strawberries, again, because nice, fresh strawberries aren’t always available where I live. Be sure to use frozen strawberries that are just the fruit frozen, and aren’t in any kind of syrup. I have used fresh strawberries to make these in the past, and they are really good! Since we’re going to be freezing them into a pop anyway, it really depends on what you can get your hands on.

Next, add the Greek yogurt, coconut water and milk. You can also use almond milk or another milk substitute, I just usually have a regular milk on hand. Add honey.

If you want to add a little extra protein, add a scoop of your favorite protein powder. I use one scoop of Vanilla Aloha Protein Powder.


Spoon mixture into Popsicle molds. Place sticks in mold (or freeze and then insert sticks) and place in the freezer for 2 to 4 hours.

One of my favorites as a smoothie or pop!


Afternoon Coffee Pops

These are an excellent treat for a hot summer afternoon, or a change for your morning routine!

Ingredients – Makes 4 medium pops

1 cup (8oz.) Strong, black coffee

3/4 cup Greek yogurt

sugar or other sweetner, to taste (optional)


First, brew some strong coffee. You may want to do this step ahead of making the popsicles. I usually chill the coffee down before adding to the mix.

Add Greek Yogurt, I like to use a vanilla flavored yogurt, but plain would be fine too. Use less for a stronger coffee flavor.

Depending on how you like your coffee, you might want to add a little sugar or sweetner to the mix.


Pour into popsicle mold. Place sticks in mold (or freeze and then insert sticks) and place in the freezer for 2 to 4 hours.

Now you have a mid afternoon pick me up!

To serve, gently run room temperature or warm water over the plastic of the mold to loosen the pop, and then hold the stick to pull out. Enjoy!

There you have it! Three frozen treats to hit the spot on a hot summer day! Hope these satisfy your cravings and keep you cool.

Comment below or tweet @simplyleahg what your favorite frozen treats are for the summer, or if you gave these recipes a try at home.

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