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Going Nude: My 5 Go To Nude Lip Colors

Going Nude: My 5 Go To Nude Lip Colors

A good nude lipstick is a must have in every makeup bag. Whether you’re a lipstick collector or not, it never hurts to have a nude lip that will act as the finishing touch for a wide variety of looks.

My favorite nude lip changes depending on my outfit, and the finish I want the lip to have. Last summer, matte lips were all the rage, so a matte finish was a must. Other days, a subtle swipe of a glossy lipstick does the trick. It depends on the look and wear you want the lip to have. I love both matte and glossy finishes and pick according to the finish or wear I want the lip to have.

If I want a long lasting lip, I might lean towards matte because it dries down. If I want a creamier finish, I’ll lean towards a gloss. It really depends on the look.

Luckily, I’ve got the break down of my five tried and true nude lip colors.

Note: I have a fair skin tone, and these nudes work well on my skin tone. I’ve tried them because they compliment my complexion, and have found they work very well. Many of these lines do contain deeper tones for people with deeper skin tones.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream- Stockholm ($6)

This is a very popular shade in the Soft Matte Lip Cream line, and I personally think because it’s color wears well on the skin. It’s entirely possible to have a nude that looks good in the tube, and just doesn’t look right on the skin tone. Stockholm is a soft nude that wears as a barely there color. I like to pair it with a lip liner to lock in color and long lasting wear.

The cream goes opaque in two coats if you let it dry down on the lips. It pairs well with a lip liner because of the matte finish, and even has a good formula for any kind of lip shading you may want to do, or ombre lip.

The cream does dry down to a matte finish, as it reads, that can be a little drying for all day wear. It lasts through most eating and drinking, and with a good lip liner the color will last without being patchy. This product is also scented with a sugar cookie scent, which I don’t really mind. It almost has a vanilla flavor when applied, which if that isn’t something you like, you may want to steer clear of this product.

You can find it at Target, Ulta, many drugs stores or here.

Clinique Different Lipstick- Tenderheart ($36)

I got hooked on this color from a sample in a Clinique kit from the counter. I got the kit with a the purchase of a foundation, and it was one of their typical bags with some eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick and moisturizer. When I was in 9th grade I was just starting out in some serious performing and this lipstick stands strong through performance. This color was a good nude for when my instructors asked us to wear a natural lip.

I have been using it ever since for the perfect nude tone. It’s a mid tone nude with a slight blush, giving it a slight pink blush color. The color ties natural looks together well, especially when you want a complete look. I use this lipstick for everything from every day looks, to job interviews, to evening looks.

It has a long lasting color wear, and pairs well with a lip liner. The finish is a traditional glossy finish. I personally like to pair this with a more rosy lip liner to give the lipstick a little more color, on occasion. It makes for a very good natural color, and pairs well with a smokey or golden eyeshadow.

You can find it at Sephora, Ulta, the Clinique counter or here.

NYX Lingerie- Bedtime Flirt ($7)

This is another favorite from my matte collection. All the shades in the Lingerie line are matte, and have a very long lasting finish. I have several of the shades in this line, and my experience with all of them has been similar.

Like the Soft Matte Lip Cream, the Lingerie has a nice nude tone for lips that I think could work for several skin tones. Bedtime Flirt is a little deeper than Stockholm, and leans on the more blush-toned side.

In my personal experience, this lip color is very long lasting, and has probably outlasted the wear of the Soft Matte Lip Cream. I don’t usually pair this color with a lip liner, because it has a very strong pigmentation already. The doe foot applicator is also pretty easy to use to apply it. The color is opaque in two coats. This particular line is scented and smells like sugar cookies or vanilla. This is another color I wear to work or with a more dressy look.

You can find it at Target, Ulta, many drugs stores or here.

Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Creme– Grace ($30, shade discontinued)

This shade I got as a sample from Sephora a couple years ago. To my dismay, the shade has been discontinued, though the product has not been. I chose to include it in this list, because I’m sure it would be very easy to find a dupe that works the way I use this lip color. It’s a very plain, mid tone nude, and applies with a very creamy, glossy finish.

The reason I really like this nude tone is that it pairs well with lip liners. I like to use it with a rusty lip liner for a natural, more red-toned color. It makes for a good base color.

On its own, the tone pairs well for almost any occasion. A mid-tone nude is a very versatile piece because there is hardly an occasion where you can go wrong with it. It pairs well with smokey eye looks and natural looks. It can be a compliment or a focus, depending on how you dress it in the look.

This color was available at Sephora, but has since been discontinued. It is still available for nearly double and triple the retail price on Amazon.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss- Tres Leches ($6)

This nude is a perfect mid-tone and the intense glossy finish is perfect for anyone who the glossy finish appeals to. This gloss has a nice tone and finish for both casual and dressy looks. This color is very similar in shade to Bedtime Flirt, but has a much glossier finish.

It’s wear is a bit shorter than the matte lip colors, so a reapplication might be necessary after eating or drinking. The gloss is smooth, and doesn’t have the sticky feeling glosses can sometimes have. It’s application is smooth, and probably a double coat will create an opaque look. If I wanted this to stay longer, I would probably pair with a lip liner.

I personally like to pair this gloss with a blush toned eye, or a brown smokey eye.

You can find it at Target, Ulta, many drugs stores or here.

Bonus: Favorite Lip Pencil

Since I mentioned many of my lipsticks and glosses I like to pair with a lip liner, I decided to add in my favorite lip pencil as well!

NYX Slim Lip Pencil – Mauve ($3.50)

This pencil is very pigmented and could almost stand as a lip color on its own. It is a bit dry to wear alone, but it pairs very well with other colors. This pencil is slightly darker than nude, so it works well for lip shading and ombre lips.

I like to pair this with Tenderheart and Grace. It works best with creamy lip colors, but could also work with matte.

This lip pencil does require sharpening when it gets dull, which can be a downside once it’s at a really good point.

You can find it at Target, Ulta, many drugs stores or here.

What are you waiting for? Take a chance on a nude lip!

Do you have your own favorite nude lip? Comment below or tweet @simplyleahg with your favorites from your collection!

**Note: This post is not sponsored. All products were bought with my own money, or obtained through my own purchases. Views and opinions are my own.

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