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The Fit Diaries – June 16

The Fit Diaries – June 16

It’s week four of my fitness journey, and I have a few things to share from this week.

First of all, I’ve stuck to my exercise routine. Every week I bump up my daily calorie goal by 10 calories, or as I see fit based on how active I was the previous week.

This week I’m up to a goal of 460 calories a day. I’ve far surpassed that several times already this week, but it serves as a good baseline goal. My hope is to get up to 500 around the end of the month.

I had been using an elliptical machine for LISS (Low-Intensity Steady-State) cardio, and have now switched to using a treadmill. I prefer the treadmill, because I feel that running or walking versus “cycling” on an elliptical helps the areas I want to focus on.

Using a mix of walking and jogging, I have already seen personal progress. In high school I could run a six minute mile and I see potential to be able to bring my current time down to somewhere close to that.

After taking a week long break, I’m also back at doing arms again. I currently have easy access to a gym with equipment, which makes this easier. When I’m at school, the University Recreation Center is diagonally across the campus, and not very accessible to where I live.

Not that I’m complaining, but the U certainly doesn’t make it easy to access. On most days, the parking lot is permit and it’s on the south corner of the campus, away from a large amount of student traffic.

In a pinch, my apartment close to the university has a small room with a couple machines, but not to the same as the recreation center.

I also have tried to drink water as much as I can this week. I’ve limited the number of beverage choices outside of coffee and water that I drink. I find a helpful way to do this is to get a large cup or water bottle (Both of mine hold 24oz) and carry it around with you.

When I already have a drink with me, I’m less likely to buy another drink. Also, it makes the water available to drink all the time, so you can drink as necessary. I find throughout the day I often refill my cup once or twice. It gets hot in the desert!

This week I’ve also achieved a minimal amount of snacking. I pack a lunch for work and eat that at lunch, but I’ve tried to reduce the times I eat in between meals. I’ve also traded out ice cream, which is truly one of the harder things to give up. I have a couple recipes of substitutes for ice cream that I’m excited to share as the weeks follow!

Speaking of meals, I have a good handful of recipes I like that taste great and are use healthy options. I’m a fan of fresh, healthy food that tastes as good as it makes me feel.

Goals for next week:

  • Daily calorie count of 470
  • A well-paced jog on the treadmill
  • Add yoga on the weekends
  • Add a protein drink a couple times a week

Have a happy, healthy week y’all!

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