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How I began my fitness journey

How I began my fitness journey

I should start this out by saying that in no way is my body wrong where it’s currently at. I started my own personal fitness journey because I knew I wasn’t living my healthiest life, and in turn it was ruining the way I felt and my vision of my own life.

Fitness isn’t exclusively running on a treadmill for 30 minutes a day or not. It’s not only eating your fruits and vegetables either. Nor is starving yourself in hopes you’ll drop a few pounds. For me, being fit is making lifestyle choices that help me feel better and live better.

Before I explain the choices I’m making now, first I have to explain where I’ve come from. It’s important to understand that everyone’s fitness journey is different and not like any other person’s. I come from teenage years of being very active, and losing that regimented activity was a dramatic change in my lifestyle.

When I was 14, I was very active until I was 18. I was involved in my high school marching band, which was incredibly physically demanding in many ways. I was in the best shape I’ve ever been in throughout my life so far. We used to practice for about 2 hours every morning before school, and most days after school for about an hour or more (depending on the day). During these rehearsals, my body was constantly in physical demand, stretching, dancing, running or simply moving around our sets. In addition to that, I was running around with a piece of equipment, using muscles that I’ve never used for any other activity.

My problem with this is I never accompanied this highly physical activity with making good food choices. I had cravings all the time, and they were mostly satisfied by fast food and snack foods. If you gave me a choice of a bag of Cheetos or an apple, chances were I was going to pick the Cheetos.

I, of course, got by mostly because I was burning off so many calories dancing that it didn’t really show that I was constantly snacking.

It carried over into college, where I ate the same, but did not burn the same amount of calories, and it began to show.

This unfortunately did not work its way out the same. In a period of change in my own life, from moving to a new state to go to a new school, to having changes in the groups of friends I had both at my new school and at home, there was so much going on. My eating habits went from snacking and eating constantly. I wasn’t active, I didn’t eat well, and I felt terrible all the time. I also didn’t know how to work out properly so I didn’t know how to get back into being fit.

My second year of college I was a bit more settled, but now I was settled into a new routine, and that was being unhealthy. I did some research, knowing that I would need some kind of program that didn’t sound too difficult, and didn’t have intense training workouts every day.  I knew my 20-year-old self, and I knew I would get right on the fitness movement, be forced to find time to work out every day, and fall right back off.

I did some research and found Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide.

I told myself if I was going to do this, I was going to do it right, but I was skeptical of a program users do all on their own. After some research I found an amazing community of support, and real people sharing their real results from the program.

I got the guide and decided to give it a go.

I didn’t realize just how challenging it would be, or how out of shape I was. One 30 minute workout three times a week is no big deal right? Wrong.

It was a very challenging, even for someone who once worked out every single day.

I made it to about week 10 of the 12 week guide before I lost it. School started, I was working again, and I didn’t make the time for exercise.

December rolled around and I wanted nothing more than to get back in shape. I got myself a watch to track my fitness, and got back on the wagon. I made it through week 12 with modification right around February, and was so proud of myself for finishing… I stopped.

I got busy with school again and lost it again. My job changed, I was eating more take out because I was working later, and I completely lost it.

I should mention I’m not looking to lose x amount of weight. I’m looking to be healthier. It has nothing to do with the number on a scale, as long as I feel better, and see changes in my personal habits.

That’s why I’m looking to go on this fitness journey, to live a happier, healthier life. I truly believe you only get one life to live, and I’d much rather spend as much of it as happy and full of energy as I can!

I will be writing weekly updates to my fitness journey, and my work with the Bikini Body Guide, and other supplemental exercises and programs.

**Note: This is in no way endorsed by the bikini body guide or Sweat with Kayla. All opinions of the guide are my own and are based on my own experience with the guides.

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