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Having a magical day

Having a magical day

Another day in L.A. takes me to one of my very favorite places: Disneyland.

Unfortunately… not in the park, but living close enough makes it easy to pop into Downtown Disney for lunch and a little shopping.

My mom and I came in for lunch at Tanqueria, a Mexican style restaurant, and an extension of Tortilla Joe’s. It’s a Chipotle-style restaurant where you can create your own meal.

A delicious bowl of rice, beans, and barbacoa with toppings made for the perfect meal after a morning workout.

I’ve eaten at several of the restaurants in the Downtown area, and I have to admit I’ve never had a bad meal at any of them. I love La Brea Bakery, and it’s probably one of my favorites outside the park. I’ve had several of their menu items, and I’ve loved all of them. I’m also a huge fan of Earl of Sandwich, which I feel can get a little lost right next to the AMC, but fortunately makes a perfect place to eat when the others are crowded.

It was a little warmer than usual, but that was no deterrent to the crowd visiting the Downtown area or the parks themselves.

After finishing our lunch, we took a stroll down to World of Disney, to take a look at all the best Disney merchandise. World of Disney is one of my favorite shops on the property, aside from the Emporium inside Disneyland. World of Disney carries a wide array of items that can be found inside the parks, making do for just dropping in for the afternoon. Though nothing was quite eye-catching today, there is always another.

We took a stop in our other favorite shop, the Vault. The shop carries some higher end Disney merchandise, typically for women, as it is usually jewelry, accessories and purses. My heart melted at the Minnie Mouse by Kate Spade purses, but fortune was not in my favor today.

A stroll around the Wonderground Gallery and the Lego store led us to the pin trader Kiosk. Personally, a favorite. I’ve been a pin trader for about three years now. I suppose I’m more of a collector, as I don’t trade but only pick out the ones I really like.

When it comes to pins, I like to dedicate my attention only to the ones I really like. This often means selecting from pins from my favorite films, or favorite characters.

I was on the hunt for some Beauty and the Beast pins to add to my collection, but to no avail. I did however find a Zootopia pin I had been on the hunt for, so there was a win there.

We stopped for a brief coffee break reenergize for the afternoon.

And with that, the granted two hours of free parking was nearly over. It’s always fun to spend a little time in Downtown Disney, and it makes for an excellent day trip for SoCal locals. So with that, we had to say “See ya real soon” to Disney.


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